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New School is a web design and full-service marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Muskegon, MI. We specialize in digital marketing, web design, print design, and video production. Our talented team has many years of first-hand experience working day in and day out with clients who are part of the fabric of the West Michigan community. Each member of our team brings his or her particular skills — whether public relations, graphic design, social media and so on — to the table for dynamic results for our clients.


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Web Design

Our award-winning team creates custom websites that build your brand and introduce you to the world. We also implement the latest SEO standards and, along with digital marketing, will make sure your business can be found by your customers. No matter the type of business, we can design a custom site that exceeds your expectations.


From business cards and brochure design to trade show displays and catalogues, our team provides a wide array of print marketing materials that will establish your company’s brand and clearly communicate messaging to potential clients and partners.

Video Production

The combination of our video production services with our many other skills only means more business and success for you. Working on print (brochures, newsletters, etc.), online (website design, social media, SEO, etc.), and Video advertising platforms in unison exponentially increases the chances of your business getting noticed locally and around the world.


How Good Website Design Impacts Your Business

Almost every business or individual working in today’s market has a website. Sadly, a large number of these websites have poor web design or don’t have engaging content; this is not going to help you stand out or get ahead.

Why Content Marketing

No one likes the overbearing car or furniture salesmen. Sure, people want someone who is helpful, available and can answer their questions, but more and more tech-savvy consumers turn to the Internet for information before ever hitting a showroom floor.

4 Reasons to go with digital marketing

In today’s technological age, digital marketing offers many benefits to businesses looking to attract new customers, boost sales and expand their market reach with minimal cost. You don’t have to look any further than the decline of print media to see the shift from traditional marketing to online platforms.


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We’ve had the pleasure of working with large brands with vast reach, as well as innovative small businesses and organizations that serve specific niche needs. And just like these inventive organizations, we put our hearts, minds and souls into every solution that we craft on their behalf. We enjoy working in close partnership with our clients, and most evolve into long-lasting relationships.

Web Design Advertising

Pater Law Grand Rapids | Muskegon Web Design
Advisory Alpha Grand Rapids | Muskegon Web Design
Pearson Foods Grand Rapids | Muskegon Web Design
EHIIP Consulting Grand Rapids | Muskegon Web Design
Azar Displays Grand Rapids | Muskegon Web Design
Healthcare Regional Marketing Grand Rapids | Muskegon Web Design
ECC Grand Rapids | Muskegon Web Design
Port City Tavern Grand Rapids | Muskegon Web Design
Rocks and Things Grand Rapids | Muskegon Web Design
Therapeutic Hands Grand Rapids | Muskegon Web Design
Borderline Tees Grand Rapids | Muskegon Web Design
Golden Oil Grand Rapids | Muskegon Web Design


Our team is ready to support your next web design, print design, or marketing project.